Saturday, December 20, 2008


Okay alright already I'll do an update!!!! It's Christmas time! And no we are not in our house yet! But things are still moving along. The bottoms of our cabinets are in, the tile, doors, most of our counter tops have been installed so now you can see a lot of progress. Now we are doing all the finishing touches. Things are going to slow down some what something like people want to be with their families on Christmas or something.
Acey's basketball team is doing wonderful, he is having lots of fun. He has been in the Newspaper and Sugar Beet magazine a lot lately on his new "no till" fields. So he has been really busy lately.
Jacey is his manager and loving basketball her season starts during Christmas Break. Kade gets to start basketball this year finally. And Jett he is just loving being around the Gym he thinks he's the coach and draws up plays and has to have his hand in the huttles. Yes, my family is major Gym rats.
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


And our baby, Jett. He is 4 almost 5, and Yes we named him right he is a jet. Our first two kids are very mild natured Jett is not so much. He is full of it, but is so much fun. He loves to go to work with Dad everyday, except if Acey going out in the corn then he doesn't like that. I think he must of saw the movie Childern of the Corn or something because he does not like going into the corn fields. But he loves working cows, riding the horses and riding his four wheeler. He made it all the way across the desert by himself on his own horse. He thought that was the best thing ever.

Here is Kade is just turned 9 years old. He is all boy. He loves any sport and can out drive most adults in golf. He loves Scouts can't wait till he can go on Camp outs. But his most favorite thing in the world is to ride horses & work Cows, this last spring was his first time being able to castrate the calves. He was in heaven. Like I said he is all boy.
Here is Jacey she is now 11 years old and can't wait to be in Young Womens. She loves sports (like she has a choice) she just finished volleyball, and can't wait for basketball to start. She is Acey's manager and practices with the Varsity girls. She loves piano and dance. She is a big helper and of course the sweetest little thing.
Here is a picture Acey took the other day. We are in Harvest right now, but we'll soon be done. This is our beet digger for all you non-farmers out there, we grow sugar beets, the wind blew a lot of them out this spring so we only had to dig about 400 acres. Yes I know who would of thought this would be my life!

Well here it is Our New Home! Things are moving right along. We're not sure when we'll be in the soonest will be Christmas the latest will the 4th of July.
I have more time on my hands now with Volleyball being done!
So Happy!! So I will be blogging more!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally I'm a Blogger!!

I thought if I blogged then that would invite pedifiles to my door, I am taking a leap of faith and trusting the safety of my children in all you blogger's hands. It's a good thing I'm not in the Protective Custody, or my cover would definetly be blown.